Da Yu Ling High Mountain Whole-Leaf Oolong Teabag (Degradable Pyramid-Shaped PLA Triangle Filter)
Flavor: Balanced, sweet aroma. Creamy smooth texture with subtle savory, vegetal character. Lasting fresh and green flower aroma finish. Hand-picked, Da Yu Lin, Taiwan.

The place name Da Yu Ling is unsurpassed for premium Taiwan High Mountain Oolong, and Eco-Cha feel privileged to be able to share this tea, which has become recognized as some of the best in the world.

Degradable Pyramid-Shaped PLA Triangle Teabag Filter
1. String is twice as long as those of some existing products
2. Less health concern
3. Environmentally friendly

Packing: 3g whole-leaf teabag, 6 teabags in a box
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