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    We hope that good tea and teaware, along with innovative ideas can thrive on Taiwanese land. The freshtaiwan brand is here to promote good ideas and products, and to highlight them on an international stage.


    freshtaiwan cooperates with Eco-Cha, who carefully selects good tea that’s 100% Made in Taiwan. Seeking distinctly Taiwanese tea leaves and diligent tea harvesters, Oolong tea fanatic Andy at Eco-Cha has been in Taiwan for more than 20 years, going to all sorts of tea fields. Customers can rest easy when purchasing tea.


    When it comes to teaware, we carefully select whom we cooperate with, be they famous Taiwanese hand-made (hand-thrown) teapot Ceramists, Tenmoku tea bowl makers, Taku Ironware, accessory manufacturers and so on. They all produce exceptional teaware and accessories.


    Drinking tea should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We hope to popularize Chinese tea-drinking culture. From the Taiwanese public and Mainland China, to international friends, more and more people are coming into contact with tea ceremoney culture, making tea not only a sort of luxury, but also an acquired taste.

    ABOUT Eco-Cha

    In English, this name is testimony of our commitment to the preservation of traditional artisan tea production and the promotion of sustainable agriculture in the tea industry. In Chinese, it's is a reminder to stop, take a sip of tea and be in the present moment.


    Taiwan is unique in that there are still many small, family-run farms carrying on traditional way in tea making. We value this tradition. By choosing Eco-Cha you are not only drinking the finest tea in the world, you are contributing to sustaining traditional tea culture.


    We source tea directly from small, family-run farms. During the many days and nights we have spent side-by-side with these artisans of tea, we have come to understand the intersection of culture, tradition, environment, and artistry which is embodied in every cup of Eco-Cha Tea.


    We only sell tea that we drink ourselves. Our primary responsibility is to offer the best quality tea, from the most responsible farmers, The award winning tea makers that we work with are the best in the industry, they are also our friends. We communicate daily with these artisans because knowing the craftsmen is knowing their tea.


    We support small, family-owned farms having less environmental impact at every stage of tea production. This is one of the cornerstones of our business. As 1% for the Planet members, we donate 1% of our tea sales to environmental charities. So you can feel good about drinking great tea.

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