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    Sky Lantern Cup/Mug, Paperweight, Pen Holder, Ruler......

    In addition to Taiwanese teas, teaware and other tea related products, freshtaiwan hopes to assist manufacturers promote other useful products that are representative of Taiwan. These are not only things that Taiwanese themselves enjoy, but are also very fitting gifts for foreign friends or souvenirs for friends.

    Sky Lantern Cup / Mug


    At the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the Taiwan Pavilion’s unique sky lantern shape attracted a lot of people’s attention. Not only that, but New Taipei City’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival has been a favorite for both Taiwanese locals and foreigners. It was chosen as the Discovery Channel’s “Second Best New Year’s Festival in the world” and in 2013 was selected by CNN in “52 Things to do in 2013” article and was in Fodor’s, the world’s largest travel publishing house. Ranking as the one of the 14 must-see classic celebrations in the world, it’s easy to see that this traditional festival, no matter the country, has become a favorite for both local and foreigner alike.

    freshtaiwan not only has sky lantern cups, but also has sky-lantern-shaped mugs, which both make for great gifts.

    Sky lantern cups

    Sky lantern mug



    No matter the words or calligraphy carved into bamboo strips, or the designs on cast-iron pots, they’re both valuable and decorative Taiwanese products. Since Taiwan produces bamboo, it’s not hard for locals to see it, but it’s not like this in other countries. There is no bamboo in Europe, and only some in South Central America. As is, it makes for a good gift for foreign friends, and is not only a part of Taiwan’s traditional bamboo handiwork, but is also a unique present.

    Calligraphy carved into bamboo paperweight

    Cast-iron pot shaped paperweight

    Pen Holder


    Taiwan’s bamboo pen holder also has calligraphers’ signatures carved into them, which makes for a strong Eastern and Chinese cultural souvenir.



    freshtaiwan has two types of rulers made of different materials. One is 15-cm bamboo ruler, the other is a 20-cm and 8 inch marked scale, which makes varied emblems of aborigines in Taiwan: the wooden ruler. All are strongly unique products of Taiwan.

    15-cm bamboo ruler

    Wooden ruler with 20 cm and 8 inch marked scales and beautiful aborigines' emblems

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