Handmade Breathable Copper Tea Caddy (Tea Canister, Chazutsu) - Plain Pattern
5,500.00 - 10,000.00
1. Embedded with an innovative nano silver technology
Nano silver button is featured with anti-bacteria, anti-moisture, and anti-mold. This tea caddy provides a very good storage environment for tea leaves, coffee beans, nuts, dried herbs, and so on.
2. Superior metalworking technique
This tea caddy requires more than 130-steps sophiscated processes and artistic sense to complete.
3. Time adding the beauty
Frequently caressing the body of this caddy with hands brings out a changing color tone on the surface through time.

Material: copper
Capacity: 60g, 75g , 150g for ball-shaped Oolong tea
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Coming soon
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Capacity: 75g, 150g  (for ball-shaped Oolong tea)
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