Handmade Glazed Clay Teapot by Bai Sheng-yu (#CSY0003)
Glazed clay teapot is a kind of ceramic teapot made from a particular clay. It is not only used to brew Chinese Gongfu Tea for tea drinkers as a common accessory but is widely used at tea ceremonies involving the ritualized preparation of tea. The Gongfu Tea ceremony literally means “making tea skillfully” with related teawares like Gongfu teapots and others for maximizing the taste of a tea selection, especially a finer one.

Good handmade teapots can improve the quality of the tea and let people appreciate the teapot during a tea brewing process. A good teapot is not necessarily found ......
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only by chance, but can instead be selected. If several good friends come over to drink tea, however, a more unique and representative teapot might be essential.
The volume of this teapot is about 120 ml. It is suitable for private use or being a gift at different occasions. A nicely-made gift box is provided for safe protection during transportation. Following is the approximate dimension information:
Length: 10.8 cm (from the far end of handle to the other end of pot body)
Diameter: 6.1 cm (the widest part of the teapot body)
Height: 6.8 cm (from the knob of lid to the bottom)
First Time Use
To use the glazed clay teapot, please wash the interior of the teapot with clean water and be sure NOT to use any detergent or disinfectant.
A glazed teapot is much less porous than ceramic teapots like Zhu Ni and Zisha teapots but it still absorbs a little amount of tea into the pot during brewing at some parts without glaze. After a period of use, the unglazed parts will develop a kind of coating that retains some flavor and color of the tea. This is the reason why detergent or soap should be avoided to clean the pot. Instead, it should be rinsed with clean water and allowed to air-dry. For porcelain teapots, they can be used for brewing different types of tea since its glaze can prevent from developing some flavor and color of teas. However, unglazed parts will still develop the color of tea gradually.
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