Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea

Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea

1,450.00 - 2,800.00
Flavor: Balanced, sweet aroma. Creamy smooth texture with subtle savory, vegetal character. Lasting pastry finish.

The place name Da Yu Ling is unsurpassed for premium Taiwan High Mountain Oolong, and Eco-Cha feel privileged to be able to share this tea, which has become recognized as some of the best in the world.

The highest elevation tea growing regions are considered the epitome of where this type of tea is produced. The ideal climate conditions offered by this elevation combined with the methods of tea cultivation that have been ......
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developed are considered to be the main factors that have gained this category of tea its fame.
Harvest: Hand-picked.
Region:  Da Yu Ling, Taiwan
Elevation: 2200m
Tasting Notes
This is a rare batch of Da Yu Ling High Mountain Tea in that the level of oxidation exceeds the commonly produced tea in this region at highest elevation. The difference between the standard 10-15% level of oxidation and the less commonly produced 20-25% is that the light, floral, green character is transformed into a more fruity, substantial, smooth character of High Mountain Oolong. Another way of putting it is that is less like a Green Tea and more like an Oolong.
Eco-Cha are fortunate enough to be connected with professionals who have access to this minimally produced type of tea. The subtleties of aroma are derived from newly grown leaves of the Green Heart Oolong (青心烏龍) tea plant grown at an elevation that provides optimal climate conditions. The slower growth at high elevation provides substance to the tender new growth which in turn gives premium Taiwan High Mountain tea its claim to fame. It is in a class of its own due its smooth, clean - yet complex flavor followed by a heady, lingering aftertaste.
This Da Yu Ling Oolong ranks definitively within the category of Taiwan's finest High Mountain Oolong. Only natural fertilizers and chemical farm products authorized by the Taiwan Research and Extension Station are used in the cultivation of this tea. It is processed in a way that produces the highest quality High Mountain Oolong.
As a result of decades of commercial promotion of a greener, lightly oxidized tea and subsequent consumer demand for this tea type, more well-oxidized tea is difficult to source. There is simply less of a demand than there is for more lightly oxidized tea. Slowly, however, only in recent years, tea makers are meeting the requests from successful tea merchants and professionals who are only willing to buy tea with a significantly higher level of oxidation.
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