Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea
  • Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea
  • Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea

Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea

450.00 - 850.00
Flavor: Heady, floral aroma. Smooth, delicate fruity flavor. Lingering, robust finish.

Garden: This tea garden is a prototype of sustainable tea farming, and is an anomaly in its region. This farmer only harvests 3 times a year as opposed to the common practice 5 or 6 times a year. This allows the plants to grow more naturally and maintain optimal nourishment. Almost all tea in this region is machine harvested, but this farmer hand picks these leaves. He is dedicated to the highest quality possible by producing small amounts of carefully crafted tea.
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Harvest: Hand-picked.
Region: Songbolin, Nantou County, Taiwan.
Elevation: 400m
Tasting Notes
This tea is skillfully oxidized to produce a wonderfully floral aroma balanced by a substantial fruity flavor that lingers long after drinking. The range of character in this tea is striking. The initial floral aroma is followed by fresh berry tones and finishes in an amazingly complex bouquet that lingers and subtly transforms.
Around 1981, a Mu Zha tea farmer in Taipei County discovered a naturally occurring hybrid oolong in his tea garden that proved to be particularly suitable to the climate on Taiwan. Since then, it has gained popularity for its reliable produce and unique flavor and character. Now it is cultivated extensively as a signature oolong tea that is unique to the island of Taiwan. The name “Si Ji Qun” was chosen for the plant’s prolific year-round leaf growth, allowing for at least four harvests annually that produce a fresh, fragrant character of tea that is unique among oolongs.
This tea comes from the most active tea maker Eco-Cha know. This man enters virtually every Oolong Tea competition in Taiwan, including the largest and most prestigious Oolong Tea competition in the world. He consistently achieves high ratings in all of these competitions.
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