Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea

Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong Tea

NT$750 - NT$1,450
Flavor: Delicate, fresh vegetal aroma. Smooth, balanced, subtle herbal character. Clean, satisfying finish.

This tea farmer employs a registered traceability program where he keeps a record of all his farm management activity, including all specs on fertilizers and pesticides that are administered. This program also conducts an annual inspection of the harvested tea leaves for trace chemical residue, and the results are consistently a fraction of the accepted levels. In addition, the factory that processes his tea is annually inspected by a government authorized sanitation program.

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More Details
Harvest: Hand picked.
Region:  Shan Lin Xi, Nantou County, Taiwan.
Elevation: 1500m
Tasting Notes
One of the prominent qualities of Taiwanese high mountain oolong is the fragrance that exudes from the freshly brewed leaves. Especially after the first and second brews, hold the un-lidded teapot near your nose and inhale slowly to experience the volatile aromatic oils that are being released from the freshly moistened and heated leaves. From there you can enjoy the evolving aroma of each successive brew. The fragrance is the most intriguing and subtle quality of a fine high mountain tea.
This tea carries distinct qualities of adequate oxidation of the leaves during processing. This is evident in its sweeter, mellowed aroma and smooth, balanced flavor. Its aroma is slightly less floral and more fruity or pastry-like. Oxidation offers a more substantial, less green brew that is complex, yet balanced and smooth on the palate.
Our source of this tea is firmly committed to the practice of transporting the freshly picked leaves to a factory at about half the elevation of the tea farm in order to provide ideal climate conditions for processing. Specifically, there is more sunshine and less fog at lower elevation, along with more available outdoor space to provide an optimal environment for solar withering - the initial and pivotal stage of Oolong Tea processing. It is this level of professionalism combined with the more environmentally friendly aspect of using a factory located in a residential area rather than on a remote high elevation tea farm that makes us committed to this source of quality Taiwanese High Mountain Tea.